January 3, 2011

2010: The Retrospect: Top 5 Trailers

Things are starting to heat up. 

Day 3 of 2010: The Retrospect is gonna focus on the most popular part of a film's advertising, the trailer. It's the thing that gets people most excited about upcoming movies, and the aspect of a films production that many film bloggers avoid like it's the plague... or Battlefield Earth. People like going into movies blind, and they have every right to. I, on the other hand, love trailers. Not only do they lovingly tease me with what I'm going to experience, but they also help me decide whether or not I should go see a film. You didn't see a review of Burlesque from me, did you? Maybe its lame trailer had something to do with that. There have been some amazing trailers this year, but only five can make the cut. Sit back. Enjoy. 

5. Tron: Legacy (Comic-Con Footage)
It's not an official trailer, doesn't delve into plot at all, and doesn't reveal anyone involved with the film with the exception of Jeff Bridges. But, that's all technicalities. Even though it wasn't played in theaters, this is the one that got me über excited to see the return of Flynn and all that it would bring. It may be cheating, putting Comic-Con footage on my list of best trailers of the year, but, since when have I played by the rules. Got a problem with it? Talk to the caribou outside. He's wise. 


4. The Tourist
So, apparently, the movie actually sucked. Well, that's a shame, because this trailer kicks ass. It's kind of awesome, looks cool, and all that, but you all know why I love it. It's the Muse track that's playing in the background. Oh, advertisers. You have a key to my heart, and I love you so! It's a weird thing though. The last film to have a Muse song in its trailer was disappointing as well, despite having talented people working on it. LE GASP!!! Maybe Muse is cursed... Oh, whatever. Here's the trailer.

3. Inception
Oh, please. What did you expect? The most exciting action movie of the year. Of course the trailer would show up on this list. The music is epic! The imagery is epic! It beautifully tickles you with plot elements and character motivation, while still keeping most everything a mystery. For an example of quality advertisement for a pop product, look no further than this. 

2. The Social Network (IM Trailer)
This one inches past the competition because of its totally bitchin' idea. No characters are shown. No scenes from the film are shown. Just dialogue, shown via a Facebook chat. That's brilliant. It got me excited for the film, and adequately showed how friggin' boss the dialogue of the film was. 

1. Sucker Punch
I could tell you, but why would I do that, when I could show you?

Hope you enjoyed that. Tune in tomorrow for Top 5 Best Scenes of 2010, and be sure to refresh yourself on everything that 2010 had to offer with the Black Hole's 2010: The Retrospect. See you tomorrow kids. Eat your vegetables. 


  1. I'm still meh on Sucker Punch. Might be pretty to look at, but I'm as yet unconvinced that it'll be anything more.

    Love all the other picks, though.

    And hey, which was "the last film to have a Muse song in the trailer?" I recall Watchmen as being the last, and I thought it pretty good (and the trailer kick ass...what a fucking great song to choose).

  2. Knight and Day. They had Uprising in all the trailers.