January 10, 2011

2010: The Retrospect: Top 10 Best Movies of the Year

This is it!

We've come to the end. Over the past week and a half, Films From the Supermassive Black Hole has covered everything worth covering about the year that was, from posters, to trailers, to lines. It wasn't the best year there ever was, but, though it was a rare occurrence, everyone found something to enjoy at the movies this year. It was a good year, all in all, so before we finally bid goodbye, I'd like to take the time to make a toast.

Raise your glasses.

To 2010, and the movies it gave us. To the good and the bad. To the socially inept jackasses getting rich. To an epic about dream invasion. To a ballerina slowly losing her mind. To vampire love. To western revenge. To fighters making a comeback. To A-Teams, bank robbers, and foul mouthed superheroes. To rockstars, serial killers, and valiant warriors. To stuttering kings and sentient toys. To wizards. To benders. To lovers. To haters. To rocks. To aliens. To utopias. To computer programs. To lesbian moms. To The Expendables. To video games. To everything else in between. To film!

And, now, the time has come! Here it is, the end all, be all. The definitive list of the year. Here are Films From the Supermassive Black Hole's Top 10 Movies of 2010!











Thank you all for joining me on this journey; it's been fun. For a refresher on everything 2010, don't hesitate to check up on the rest of 2010: The Retrospective. Here's to the year that was and the year to come. May it be glorious!

Regular schedule will resume tomorrow with a long overdue installment to Cinematic Captions. Thanks folks! Stay awesome! Stay righteous! Stay good!


  1. As I was cobbling together those soundbites for my year-end podcast (thanks again by the way), I got a big 'ol grin when I got to your bold choice for top dog.

    Good on ya for recognizing the beauty of a film many derided as "unneccessary".

    Great list for a great year - here's to 2011!

  2. haha. saw that #1 coming and i can't knock you for it. great list, man. love that you've got Never Let Me Go on it, deserved to be on more Top Tens.

  3. @Hatter: For sure. Too many people dismissed it! It's unfair. Hopefully it'll become more appreciated when it comes out on DVD (already pre-ordered it)

    @Aiden: I agree. NEVER LET ME GO lost a lot of steam in the end there. It's still a polarizing piece!

    Cheers to both of you!

  4. what a great list you got here! I agree with Alden R. Glad to see you have 'Never Let Me Go'. It was a haunting film. I don't know if you have seen 'Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives'.. it was the BEST foreign film of 2010!!

  5. @Mobway: I am ashamed to say that I did not see any foreign films this year. I am an affront to all that is good in the world!

  6. I didn't see that coming. And, good as it was, it is unnecessary. just like Fincher's Dragon...though I'll be curious enough to watch that one, too, and it ought to be damn good, too.

    Still need to see Never Let Me Go. I already know the story, but I want to see what Romanek does with it.