January 7, 2011

Awards? For Me?

The good peoples over at Total Film are hosting their annual Best Blog Awards, and, to my great surprise and pleasure, they listed Films From the Supermassive Black Hole as one of the 20 candidates for Best Review Blog, along with a whole bunch of other blogs that I dig. Well, now the fun part begins. Could you help a fellow out, and follow the link, and vote for me? It would be greatly appreciated, and, if you do, I will find some way to make it up for you. I could send you a DVD from my collection. I could write a post on how awesome you are. We could wait until I'm 21 and then I'll buy you a drink. Either way, please help a guy out. Regardless of whether or not you vote for me, head over to the site and vote on all the other categories, but be sure to vote for Anomolous Material for Best Overall Blog. Castor and Co. run a tight ship up there, and they deserve all the praise! Thanks folks! Now go out and exercise your rights! FOR FREEDOM! BEAUTY! TRUTH! AND LOVE!!!



  1. Congrats Sebastian. A much deserved recognition of your blog sir!

  2. @Castor: Thanks Castor, and the same to you!