January 13, 2011

Other Sides To the Conversation: Week of January 13th

I figured I should probably start doing one of these. You know, share the love, as it were. I mean, everyone else it writing such great stuff, and how do I thank them! I'm a bastard, I know, but I'm trying to redeem myself, man! It's hard work!

Anyway, this'll become a weekly thing in the vein of Hatter's Everyone's Talking feature. So, for your reading pleasure, here are some things upon which you click, and they will take you to new things, which you can read! Enjoy!

Fletch is back! 5 posts in 6 days? Say it ain't so! Get caught up on all things Blog Cabins with this week's State of the Cabins.

Castor at Anomolous Material is hosting the second Hollywood Fantasy Draft. The pitches have started to come in, and they are juicy, to say the least. Here's a pitch from Steve of 1001Plus.

Marshall managed to score an early screening of The Dilemma. Lucky bastard! Unfortunately, according to him, it's not very good. Here's his review.

Hatter caught a glimpse of what Rooney Mara as the new Lisbeth Salander looks like, and gets the conversation going on the subject. Take part.

Nick is continuing with his ambitious 60 Weeks/60 Movies project. Here's his review of a personal favorite, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.  



  1. Linkage! Thanks dude, rather honoured to be in the first class of inductees...sorta makes me feel like Ty Cobb.

  2. Poor Marshall, having to sit through The Dilemma. At least it was free, but that movie could not look worse.