June 30, 2012

Moving On

As a friend of mine has taken to saying, "PACK YOUR PLAYSTATION AND GET OUT!"

Yes, the time has come. Films From the Supermassive Black Hole has enjoyed a good run in its current home. Truth be told, I'm absolutely thrilled with the time I spent here. The site went from this unknown entity with barely any content to a fairly thriving institution with a decent reader base.

I also made some great friends along the way.

But now, it's time a for a change of scenery. I'm been wrestling with this notion for a health portion of this, the year of our lord 2012. A guy at Sundance who I got to talking with recommended that I make the jump, as it gives me more credibility.

Alright. That's a brand of juju I can jive with. I've been working at this for a couple of weeks now, and, with some help from a few buds, I think it turned out all right.

Make sure you update your blogrolls, links, and what have you. Thanks all for making this experiment worthwhile. And don't worry, there's more to come.

As a compatriot of mine once so eloquently put, OUT WITH THE OLD...

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