January 21, 2011

Other Sides of the Conversation: Week of January 21

All sorts of madness going down right about now. Golden Globes, and my esteemed lack of interest. Term starts up in a few days, so the amount of posts may go down, but I hope not. Oh, you may notice the new comment thing. That's Disqus, and it's awesome. Get it if you don't have it! The new year is full swing and people are, more or less, back on their usual routines.


Here are some things upon which you click, which will take you to new things, upon which you can read. Enjoy.

Vancetastic takes a look at why a badass like Samuel L. Jackson never gets laid on screen.

Kai lists off the reasons why he is Marvel.

Univarn's Life gets a bit crazy and existential.

Andrew looks at how Oscar is blown out of proportion.

And another thing...

You may have noticed a new tab below the "Best Of What's Around" one, titled "Blogs About Other Things, Written By Other Friends, Which You Should All Totally Go To Because I Say So". Bit of a mouthful, but I like it! Those links are to blogs that friends of mine on the outside of the filmic universe keep. They are really good, and some of them are just starting out, and would appreciate some love. Just a thought...

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