January 26, 2011

FFTSBH Presents: The 1st Annual Snubbies

Lame title, I know. It's the best I could come up with. I'm open to suggestions.

Well, the Oscar noms are out, and they cannot be changed, much as we would like to. Ordinarily, I would just do the traditional thing, that is, write up a post detailing who I think should have been nominated for something, like I did last year. But a recent article from Univarn got me thinking. It's so boring to just do a post with your own opinions, because everyone who follows you probably already knows them already. I mean, I could go on and on about how Nolan should have been nominated for Best Director, Garfield should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor, or how Let Me In should have been nominated for everything under the sun, but that's just not fun anymore! So, I thought I'd mix it up.

May I present the 1st Annual Snubbies. You heard it right, folks. This is the place where all the films snubbed by the Academy gets it just deserves! And, like the Academy, you will pick the winner. I've gone ahead and made up a list of nominees in each category that had chances (or I just really liked), but didn't make the cut, for whatever reason. Voting will remain open until February 28th, when the winners will be announced. That's right, the day after the Oscars are handed out, we're gonna swoop in and steal all their thunder with the help of the underrepresented. It's gonna be a trip!

Haha. Snub pistol. Get it?

Best Snubbed Picture
The Ghost Writer
Let Me In
Never Let Me Go
Shutter Island
The Town

Best Snubbed Director
Ben Affleck (The Town)
Danny Boyle (127 Hours)
Christopher Nolan (Inception)
Matt Reeves (Let Me In)
Martin Scorcese (Shutter Island)

Best Snubbed Actress
Lesley Manville (Another Year)
Julianne Moore (The Kids Are All Right)
Chloe Moretz (Let Me In)
Carey Mulligan (Never Let Me Go)
Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo)

Best Snubbed Actor
Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter Island)
Robert Duvall (Get Low)
Ryan Gosling (Blue Valentine)
Kodi Smit-McPhee (Let Me In)
Mark Wahlberg (The Fighter)

Best Snubbed Supporting Actress
Dale Dickey (Winter's Bone)
Rebecca Hall (The Town)
Barbara Hershey (Black Swan)
Mila Kunis (Black Swan)
Diane Wiest (Rabbit Hole)

Best Snubbed Supporting Actor 
Vincent Cassel (Black Swan)
Matt Damon (True Grit)
Andrew Garfield (The Social Network)
Armie Hammer (The Social Network)
Justin Timberlake (The Social Network)

Best Snubbed Original Screenplay
Animal Kingdom
Black Swan
Blue Valentine
Get Low
Made In Dagenham

Best Snubbed Adapted Screenplay
The Ghost Writer
Let Me In
Never Let Me Go
Rabbit Hole
The Town

Well, there you go. Have at it! Tell all your friends; I want as many votes as possible. The winners will be announced on Feb. 28th, the day after the Oscars, so you have plenty of time. Get to it! Looking forward to hearing from you. 


  1. This is an excellent and really original idea, I'm glad I came across it and voted!

    Great blog by the way, I look forward to following...

  2. Snubbies...because they've been snubbed. Oh that is clever :P

    I probably would have called them...the overlooked...ies. Ok maybe not,

    Seriously though, as someone who can't get enough of sharing his opinions, I love things like this! Great list of nominees - SHUTTER ISLAND, Lesley Manville and Andrew Garfield FTW!

  3. @Jack L: Great. Always a pleasure to welcome new followers. Your standard issue cloak and dagger will be arriving by carrier pigeon any day now.

    @Castor: GOOD MAN!

    @Tom: Your condescension is not appreciated. But thanks. I thought long an hard about these lists.