January 14, 2011

Sharp Dressed Man

Precocious Much?
Hollywood, though it has been good to us, is a cruel beast at heart. I mean, seriously! Yes, it's been a few years since Spider-Man 3 came out, though, if your like me, you've erased that excuse for a superhero movie from your head. But, a few years is like dog years in Hollywood. Hell, they waited 28, that's right, 28, before finally deciding to bless us with a Tron sequel. So, why do they think that a Spider-Man reboot - not sequel, reboot - is a good idea?

What? Nothing?

Oh well, I guess it's not really important. What's done is done, and we'll just have to live with it. I'm actually cautiously optimistic about the retcon of the web slinging teenager. First, they have Mark Webb, the director of my favorite movie from the past decade, behind the camera, which sounds perfect to me. On the other hand, that (500) Days of Summer, which didn't feature a single explosion or pitched action scene. Uh-oh.

If anything seals the deal for me, it's that Andrew Garfield is playing Peter Parker. Garfield wowed everyone with his sublime performances in The Social Network and Never Let Me Go last year, so I have no doubt he'll be able to do the Marvel icon justice.

And then there's this...

... and that looks pretty cool. Based on this picture, this version of Spider-Man looks to be a lot grimmer and darker than the campy, cheese filled Raimi movies. Hell! Garfield actually has a wound (of sorts) on his face, which is a lot more than Tobey Macguire ever received. Maybe they are going the Chris-Nolan-Batman route and making it hyper gritty. I don't particularly think that this will work for them, but, you never know. Either way, I'm interested. 


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