January 24, 2011

My Pitch

Castor over at Anomolous Material loves hosting the odd event every now and then. The current one is one of the most popular, bringing people together and stirring the creative juices. "Pitch Your Movie" has a group of bloggers each come up with an original movie, whether it be from the depths of their imagination, a remake, or an adaptation. The first step was to cast your film, which was achieved by a fantasy draft of sorts, in which you select your stars and director from the vast and bottomless vat of Hollywood big shots. The you write up your pitch, and send it along, after which people rate it, and the highest rated pitches will go head to head in an all battle to determine which is the best.

Mine just went up. You can find it here. It's a little long, and I apologize for that. I opted for a blow by blow of a plot summary rather than a quick synopsis. I like details, man! Don't be hatin'!

Anyway, if you'd be so kind, head over to AM and offer your two cents. Be sure to give a star rating at the bottom. That's what's gonna propel me into the competition. Anyway. That's all. Stay cool!

Oh, here's the poster I made for it!

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