January 11, 2011

Cinematic Captions #3

Alright folks! Put your cleverness hats on. Time to get creative!

Alright, the big reveal. Who won last week?

Honorable Mention: POOP! (Courtesy of Aiden)

And the winner is... Fletch!

The Leaderboard

Simon (1)
Fletch (1)

Alright, next round. Here ya go!

Amuse me!


  1. hahahaha! psyched I nabbed the honorable mention! well played, Fletch.

  2. And as for the new image, all I can picture is laser beams colliding out of the guy on the left's and the Asian guy's eyes while the guy in the middle continues to make a toast to no one.

    That or something along the lines of:

    Middle guy: "I propose a toast."
    Left guy: "To what?"
    Middle guy: "Poop, of course."
    Right guy: "Here, here!"


  3. Nice that you've got a theme going, Aiden. :D

    Yes!!!! Victory!

    Ok, this week's...

    "A toast...to Sledge Hammer! Who's with me? No? No? You fuckers."

  4. @Aiden: I agree. Nice theme. And the idea of the lasers is good, and one I will consider, if only because it will be fun to edit lasers into the photo.

    @Fletch: I'm not sure I get it, but still, very nice!

    @Castor: HA!!!!!