January 1, 2011

2010: The Retrospect: Top 5 Best Lines

I'm kicking off my ten day retrospective of 2010 with a fun one.

Line delivery is one of the oft-ignored aspects of a performance. A script can suck hard, but a talented actor can hide that fact with great line delivery. Day one of 2010: The Retrospect focuses on just that. Here are the Top 5 Best Lines of 2010 as decided by me and my committee of one from the black hole!

5. "Gator needs his gat, you punk ass bitch!" (Will Ferrel from The Other Guys)
Sure, The Other Guys wasn't that great, but there were some winner lines in it, the best of which is delivered by star Will Ferrell. After having his gun confiscated for performing a "desk pop", Ferrell's Allen Gamble walks around for the entire film carrying a wooden pistol, and then loses that in favor of a rape whistle. Eventually, he's had enough, and, once he's found enough evidence on the huge case he's been working on, he storms into his captain's office, slams his whistle down on the table and... well, you know!

4. "Dating you is like dating a stairmaster!" (Rooney Mara from The Social Network)
In a film that prided itself on stinging dialogue, this line, delivered by Rooney Mara's Erica Albright in the opening moments of the film stung the most! It's a brilliant line, in and of itself, and Mara delivers it beautifully. It really set the bar high, and the film spent a lot time trying to match it. I can't find the actual clip, but here's a segment from the same scene, that adequately shows off her awesome timing!

3. "Not that I care, but you should go talk to her before she's gone. And I really don't care." (Allison Pill from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)
Allison Pill's Kim Pine is the master of the deadpan. There were so many good moments from SPVTW that showed off her fantastic timing, that I was hard pressed to pick just one. This one is interchangable with any of her lines from the film, but, this one is the best!

2. "Ok you c**ts. Let's see what you can do!" (Chloe Moretz from Kick-Ass)
Ordinarily, a line like this wouldn't cause more than a smirk from me. But, a line like this isn't usually said by an 13 year old girl. In a year where Chloe Moretz surpassed pretty much everyone, her vulgar and depraved performance as a miniature death dispenser made a lot of people take notice. Like I said, it's not every day you hear a minor use language such as that.

1. "Machete don't text!" (Danny Trejo from Machete)
Nuff'' said.

I hope you enjoyed that. There's still plenty more to come. Tune in tomorrow for Top 5 Best Posters, and be sure to come back all week for more of 2010: The Retrospect. See ya then, kids. Always drink your Ovaltine.

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  1. Neither the line "Winkelvi" nor the specific line from one of the aforementioned Winkelvi (6'5", 220, two of me) made the cut? I say nay!

    Love your #1 choice, though.