May 28, 2011

Vive La Françe!!!

Well, that's it then, I guess. I'm off to the land of higher thinking and higher promiscuity. I'll be MIA for the next month, so, if, for whatever reason, you wish to contact me, don't! Hold it in. It can wait! The Black Hole is going to be collapsed for the time that I'm away. Kai and Dylan will be running Cinematic Caption over at Man, I Love Films. I have the utmost faith in them both to do me proud. Thanks loyal readers. You've been wonderful. See you in July.

So, that's that. Starting riiiight... now, je parlerai francais. Il sera spectaculaire! Au revoir, mes jolies. Soyez bon!



  1. Lucky you, you have a good time there bro :)

  2. Francais? FRANCAIS? Je suis terrible en francais, merci beau-fucking-coup.

    Alors, je faire aller exams venir.

  3. Jacques Durant travailler a la poste dans le grande forest.

    That's probably even grammatically wrong, but it was the first French phrase I learned as a kid. I later went on to take a few years of it, and that's about all that's left. Ok, that's not true - I rocked the le Francaise on my trip over there...but all in present tense, baby.

    Have fun, Seb - I know you will!