May 4, 2011

According to the Movies #30

If the movies say it, it must be true!

So, teachers. Love em' or hate em', they are the people that we can usually thank for whatever situation we find ourselves come adulthood. You don't pay attention in class, you fail that one test. And if you fail that one test, then you get a bad grade, then you fail the class, then you go to bad high school, then you go to a bad college, then you get a bad degree, then you don't get the job you want, and the girl you want to impress won't be impressed, and you won't have kids, and your whole life will be ruined! Now why would you do that to yourself? WHY?

Sorry. Was channelling my 8th grade history teacher for a second there.

Anyway, the best teachers, obviously, are the ones who love their subject. Sometimes, they love it so much that they lose track of time. And inevitably, they are still talking when the bell goes off, and are left to hurriedly shout over the horde of bored students charging towards the door. And it will always be hilarious.

He's not kidding. It's his job!

The Lesson: You're teacher will always be talking when the bell goes off! And you will charge out the room, and the teacher will feebly try to get your attention about something. Maybe a paper that's due. And it's gonna be really funny!

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  1. My immediate reaction to this was the scene in INDIANA JONES AND THE RAIDERES OF THE LOST ARK, when he dismisses his class abruptly when the bell rings, and a young man leaves a green apple on his desk...I always wondered if that was meant to be cheeky...