May 13, 2011

Glee Review: Prom Queen

This week's Glee review is gonna be setup in the same style as Simon's "Thoughts On..." posts. It's finals, and I gotta an essay to write, a play to revise, and 20 chapters of French to review. Anyway...

The writers acknowledging their bad songs was appreciated. Seriously! Somebody needs to be shot for the "Crazy In Love/Hair" mashup.

Blaine last name is Warbler? How fitting.

Christ, Jesse is a daft little douche!

Wha-WHAT?? "FRIDAY"??? WHAT????

For $5, those are some nice prom dresses.

I'll never understand the whole prom queen/king idea, but this episode makes me glad my high school didn't bother with the stupid thing.

Ending was nice.

God, people in this friggin' show never learn from their mistakes or take any lessons to heart.

Sue pulling a Marathon Man. Classic.

What kind of prom is over at 10?

Seriously! FRIDAY!!!!!!

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  1. My favorite thing about this episode has to be Jesse's return. He's one of my favorite characters. And "Rolling in the Deep" was awesome! I like how it was actually an a capella song, which is what a glee club is supposed to perform.

    (Also, it would be super cool if Glee covered a Muse song like Supermassive Black Hole or Knights of Cydonia... or any alternative rock song, for that matter.)

    I write reviews of new Glee episodes on my blog, too, so feel free to check it out if you want! :)