May 9, 2011

Bless Me Father...

... for I have failed.

Sad puppy

I've made mention of it before now, but one of my blog related new year's resolutions, apart from try and see a more eclectic mix of films, write more varied content and so on, was to post every day. From January 1 to May 6, I succeeded. Less than five months, and I already have 140+ posts in the bag. Being that that is close to my total post count for 2010, I'm incredibly proud of myself, doubly so when you consider the fact that very few of said posts were what would be described as filler.

But, it proved to be too much. Friday, May 6, was a hectic day, to say the least. Up and at em' at 7 for French, followed by work, then rehearsal, then college nightlife. Coupled with the fact that I couldn't think of a movie to review, or a lesson to provide, and the fact that I was just really tired with everything going on right now, well... you know.

And I know I'm making a big deal out of it. Sure, professional bloggers like Jeffrey Wells, or just more talented, smarter bloggers like Hatter or Univarn or Castor post stuff everyday. But, I'm not getting paid for this, so I know I shouldn't feel obligated to write everyday, and in no way could I ever hope to match my exceptionally gifted comrades, so I should just be happy with what I'm doing. Right?


Ok, sure. I can get down with that. I'm 19. I'm in college. I am very, and I mean very, focused on ingratiated myself into the theatre community, making friends, and getting everything out of Bard that it can possibly give me. And I think I'm doing a good job. Once this year is done, I will have been involved in, count em', five productions, have a whole new slew of friends that I am going to miss terribly over the summer, and, I'll be honest, have engaged in my fair share of debauchery. Shut up! It's college.

But, I was so worried that when I came here that this site would suffer, so imagine my joy when it ended up flourishing. And I wanted to take that to the next level; be as professional as I could be, given my circumstances. And I must say, I am disappointed in myself that I stumbled.

Too be fair, it was going to happen at some point. I am spending pretty much all of June in France as part of language immersion program, and I am committing myself to doing as little in English as possible, which means taking a break from the blog. I know. It's gonna suck not coming up with some absurd lesson for the week, not roaring with laughter at your submissions for CC, and so on.

But, you know, at the end of the day, it's not the worst that could happen. If anything, it serves as a reminder that I need to calm down sometimes. Maybe I can forget about some throwaway post for one day. It'll be alright. Like I said, I'm thrilled with how much I've accomplished already this year, in terms my own growth as a writer, and my continued efforts to broaden the community. And I'm not done with that yet, and I don't think I'll ever be.



  1. Failure. Psssh. I'm ashamed of you. Just kidding.

    On the one hand, thanks for the compliment. On the other, I don't post every day either. On the whole I've post far more than there are days my blog has been active, but a lot of that depends on the week. Some weeks, I just don't have much to say. Or what I have to say I can't organize into a coherent collection of sentences.

    I do find having things like The Monday Corner, and my two Obligatory posts, make my life infinitely easier. That means I only have to come up with content for 4 days of the week. Nobody really reads on Saturday so that's always more of a catch all if I need a day of rest or just want to throw up some random thing.

    You do great with what you do and I think your growing community base shows that. Don't sweat the posts, sweat the content. Of the 900 posts I've done, I would argue I've got less than 90 real quality posts out there. Then again, part of what drives me to keep going is I always think "I can do better"

  2. Oh, and be sure to enjoy yourself in France. I'll sit here on my porch angrily complaining with myself about how I never do anything. It's OK though, I have split personalities so it's not weird or anything.

  3. Well, when you set your goals quite high, the odds of this kind of thing happening are bound to increase. But then again, you've set your goals high, and seem to be straining the amount of time you have in the day. In the end, something's gotta give, and I'd be the first to tell you that it ought to be the blog. Nothing to do with the quality of the blog, but you are not only getting a great education, but seem to be having a blast there at Bard. Enjoy the hell out of it, and we'll be here for you when you've got more hours in the day.

    And wow, immersion! C'est tres dificile! Bon voyage et, uh, have a hell of a time! Paris?