May 5, 2011

Glee: Rumours

MY GOD!!! Brittany's cat is fat!!!!

I guess the writers started singing my tune because they finally decided to address how incredibly incestuous the Glee club is. This week saw rumors fly left and right, orchestrated by (who else) Sue, threatening to break up all the relationships that have cropped up. In order to combat this, Will decree's that the week's lesson will focus solely on the album "Rumours", the undisputed masterpiece of the band, Fleetwood Mac. It's all meant to help the club channel all their strife into making great music, but, of course, Sue isn't gonna give up that easy! Drama, involving stakeouts, sexual politics, duet woes, and fat cats, goes down!

Meanwhile, April has returned, following a disastrous, all white, production of The Wiz on Broadway. She enlists Will's help in writing an original musical based on her life. It goes well, and April invites Will to come to New York with him to get the show on a Broadway stage. Though it's his dream to sing on Broadway, Will can't see himself leaving the club when they are so close to Nationals. What will the good man decide?

Unlike last week's extremely plot heavy episode where shit actually happened, this episode masqueraded as a plot heavy episode when, in reality, nothing really happened. Sure, there is a shit ton of relationship drama, but everyone ends up in the same spot that they started out in, albeit happier. The only people who go through arcs are Will, who is considering pursuing his own dream, and Sam, who, it is revealed, is going through some serious familial troubles.

Music wise, however, this episode was so close to a dream come true. Every song featured here harks from Fleetwood Mac's legendary album, which is alright by me; I do love me some "Rumours"! And there are some real winners in the selections. Kristen Chenoweth's moody take on "Dreams" killed. Santana's heartfelt rendition of "Songbird" was aces, and "Never Going Back Again" sung by Artie stole the show. Unfortunately, the two biggest songs in the selection are probably the weakest. Finn and Quinn's duet of "I Don't Wanna Know" was just alright, and Rachel's take on "You Can Go Your Own Way" was eh.

Honestly though, I'm just pissed they didn't play what is easily the best song on the album. I don't know how they would have worked "Gold Dust Woman" into the episode, seeing as it doesn't really fit any plot line, but I wouldn't have really cared. That song is all kinds of perfect, so any use of it is more than fine by me.

Humor wise, there were some real winners. To see Sue dress up as David Bowie and Ann Coulter in the same scene, all in the name of "being incognito" was HILARIOUS!!! Rachel going around and naming what each glee club couple's moniker is was funny, made doubly so by Puck coining the term "Pisces" for him and Lauren. And Brittany's online show, Fondue For Two, is some of the funniest stuff she's done yet on the show! AND MY GOD THAT CAT IS FAT... and a smoker, apparently.

Glee this week had awesome songs, and good laughs. But nothing really happened in the episode. We don't see the Kurt/Karofsky dynamic furthered in any way. We aren't offered any real insight into the Brittany/Santana thing. And so it goes. All this episode really did was further show off how fucking unreasonable these people can be with each other. Seriously! What is Quinn's deal? I know she's worried of losing Finn again, but Jaysus! Did she have to be such a bitch about it?

Oh well, such is life.

I want that cat. I could use him as a pillow.

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