March 30, 2011

Allow Me To Call Your Attention To This

So, what with Sucker Punch being the rotting corpse it was, you would not be blamed in the slightest if you were suddenly very worried about Zack Snyder's new film, Superman: Man of Steel. It's human nature.

Now, I am not that worried. Sucker Punch, in my opinion, failed because it was purely from Snyder's mind and he wasn't given any boundaries. No one told him when he went to far or when an idea he had was stupid. Superman is return to his usual tricks, what with it being an adaptation and all.

I'd like to point your focus to an article from Moviefone that I came across on Twitter. A blogging buddy of mine posted it, but I cannot for the life of me remember which one. Anyway, the article makes the case that Snyder will not only do fine with Superman, but that he is, in fact, the perfect director to helm the project.

Stop smiling! You got some repenting to do, you smug bastard!

The article makes the case that Sucker Punch will be a learning experience for Snyder.

"First of all, it's not like is unprecedented in Hollywood. Sucker Punch is Snyder's fifth full-length feature film, and the first that can be considered an all out misfire. In comparison, do you know what Steven Spielberg's fourth film was that hit theatre? 1941. Have you ever seen 1941? It is terrible (though, contrary to popular belief, it did make money. I promise you, patrons who paid their hard earned money to see 1941 were not happy with Mr. Spielberg that day either. What happened next? Spielberg learned, despite success, that not everyone will just magically love everything he throws at the screen. Should Spielberg have been removed from his next project - something called Raiders of the Lost Ark - as a result?"

Full article here.

Personally, I think it's gonna be David Goyer's script and Christopher Nolan's involvement as producer that are going to play the biggest roles in ensuring that the man from Krypton gets his due, but I think the article is on point. Snyder has realized that he's not invincible, and that his style means nothing without substance. Every great director in history has made at least one stinker. No reason to suspect that Snyder would be any different.


  1. A: The key question is just how involved Nolan is (remembering that he'll be working on DARK KNIGHT RISES at the same time, you'll pardon me if my guess is "not very").

    B: The Moviefone article misses out on one thing in its Spielberg comparison - while 300 and WATCHMEN are nifty, they don't hold a candle to what Spielberg did with JAWS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.

    Apples to apples here people.

  2. @Hatter: Well, sure. Nolan will be no doubt be spending the majority of his time on TDKR, but even a little bit of time spent giving advice to Snyder will no doubt be valuable.

    And sure, 300 and WATCHMEN don't hold any sort of sway over JAWS or CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, but, for what they were (incredibly stylish action films with an almost obsessive reverence for their source material) they were fantastic; I still maintain that WATCHMEN is one of the most underrated films of past few years.

    I mean, whatever happens, it can't possibly be worse than SUCKER PUNCH... right?

  3. I'm still worried. He is still the director after all.