March 11, 2011

Other Sides To the Conversation: Week of March 11th

They want to make sequels and prequel's to Blade Runner????!!!!???? The catalyst for the 2012 apocalypse has been found. Now, we have to destroy it! Join with me, brothers! Let us fight! Let us drink to the power! Drink to the sound! Thunder and metal are shaking the ground! Drink to your brothers who are never to fall! We are brothers of metal here in the hall!

They'll be our harbingers!

I swear to you. This thing about Manowar is completely healthy.

Anyway, here are some things upon which you can click, which will take you to new things, upon which you can read.

In a not so subtle stroking of my own ego, here's my conversation with Hatter on Say Anything. I know I already put this up yesterday, but, screw you! Any publicity is good publicity!

Darren of the m0vie blog give us some of his excellent Non-Review Reviews. See him blast through Armageddon and Piranha 3D.

Our friendly neighborhood Kaiderman lists off his favorite alien movies in honor of Battle: Los Angeles opening today.

Tom reviews one of the best movies of last year, 127 Hours. I wish I could say it was as EXTREME as mine, but that would be lying.

Finally, LAMB Movie of the Month is being brought back. For the kick-off, we have a real winner, Black Dynamite. All are welcome to participate.



  1. Again - thanks for being a part of the series and for hyping it up.

  2. My pleasure. It was a lot of fun. I'll be happy to do it again sometime. Give me an excuse to see some culturally relevant 80s flick that has since eluded me.