March 7, 2011

In Other News: G.I. Joe Casting

So, according to a tweet by Rise of Cobra star, Rachel Nichols, a lot of the main cast won't be returning for G.I. Joe's second outing in it's on going fight with Cobra. All well and good, if you ask me; the cast of Rise of Cobra was only marginally better and more interesting to watch than paint drying, but this news gives me pause. Does this mean that JoGo won't be dawning that awful looking mask to play über baddie, Cobra Commander?

Sorry. Guess my Darth Vader ripoff wasn't good enough for you!!!!

If so, good for him. I mean, it's not like he's starved for work now. He just stole the show from under Leonardo DiCaprio's nose in the biggest blockbuster of last year, and has recently been slotted into the BIGGEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME, so a departure from something as mediocre as an action film directed by the guy who made Step-Up and the Justin Bieber documentary is more than alright with me.

However, JoGo's departure from the project effectively kills all chances of me seeing it. He was the only element to Rise of Cobra that was entertaining, so unless they get Daniel Day-Lewis to play Cobra Commander, I'm out. Well done Paramount! Now where are you gonna get my ten dollars. Your loss.

Oh wait! Does this also mean that The Ninth Doctor won't be back either? Are you guys trying to piss me off now?

Get this man a TARDIS!!!!!

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  1. Couldn't agree more. JoGo L. was the only thing good about the first one.

    Ha ha, I'd love to see DDL take the role of Cobra Commander.