February 14, 2011

Post #300: In Lieu of Events Gone By

300 posts. Woot woot! I didn't know I had it in me to churn out 100 posts that fast, especially given that it took my 2 years to get to the first 100. Since I'm hard pressed to come up with an interesting topic for this post, and comparing my blog to the movie 300 just sounded too tricky, I've decided to do a little retrospective. Every 100 posts, I'll look back, and single out the ones that I thought were the best. You know, the ones you should have noticed before but you're noticing them now because they're in this post but I'm not picky because any recognition is alright by me and this was a terrible run on sentence. Leap away!

5. Black Swan Review: It's always a good sign when a review is very easy to write. It means your thoughts on the film were fully formed and plentiful. The review of Black Swan was very easy to write. Every thing I wanted to say just flowed out of my fingers, and it showed. Well... at least I think it did.

4. JoGo's In The Dark Knight Rises!!!!!!: Imagine my utter joy when it was confirmed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was going to be in the sequel to best comic movie of all time. Here's me expressing my joy! Sometimes, very few words can say so much more.

3. The Snubbies: Maybe it's not a good post in the sense that it was well written, or spoke to something interesting. But, it could use the press. Vote if you haven't!

2. Super Bowl Spots Roundup: A exhausting breakdown of all the spots shown during the Super Bowl. You still can't fathom how I could've found the Transformers trailer good, can you?

1. 127 Hours Review: It was really EXTREME!!!!!!

Finally, here is some awesome Muse excellence for your aural pleasure!

Also, THIS!!!!


  1. Congratulations! 300 posts is impressive and they're getting better and better. On to the next 3000. The super bowl wrap-up was a very clever idea.

  2. Congrats Sebastian. A great achievement indeed!

  3. Well done, Seb. I know it's a bit hard for you to find the time to post, but you do very well with what you have. I can't wait until the 700 Club! Oh wait...