February 9, 2011

According to the Movies #24

If the movies say it, it must be true!

Ready for another foray in Scott Pilgrim land? I hope so, cuz that's where we're going.

He's made it to the final round. It's Scott vs. Gideon! The big kahuna! The final showdown. Unfortunately, Scott's an idiot and forgot to bring something with which to go about hitting the bespectacled douchebag with. No problem though, all he has to do is profess his love.

I apologize for the song...

The Lesson: Professing you love someone right before you're about to thrown down will cause a weapon of righteous fury to appear from your chest! Use it wisely!

Addendum: The Power of Self-Respect is sooooooooooo much better!


  1. I keep hearing great and hilarious things about Scott Pilgrim. This is the first clip that I've seen. It looks zany and wacky! I think I might finally have to check this movie out. Thanks for sharing this piece.

  2. My Fave film of last year!!

    Great little feature and good choice of clip from the great film!

    Nice one