February 4, 2011

Other Sides to the Conversation: Week of February 4th

Uhhh... yeah. JoGo's in The Dark Knight Rises. That's all the news that's fit to print this week.

What are you looking at?

Anyway. Here are some things upon which you can click, which will take you to other things, upon which you can read.

Film Intel gives their opinion on a personal guilty pleasure, Black Dynamite. He and I couldn't have more differing opinions on the matter.

In another installment of his ongoing, IS IT JUST ME, series, Kai voices the question that's been plaguing a lot of people, whether or not Toy Story 3 should be nominated for Best Picture.

The m0vie blog looks at another casting rumor tied to The Dark Knight Rises. This one is interesting, to say the least.

And finally, Fletch, Hatter, and I have all made the decision that Disqus, while a fun experiment, failed to deliver the goods, and, as such, we have switched back to Blogger's regular comment system.

These are trying times we live in. Keep your head on a swivel. Travel in packs. And always carry your sword. You'll be ok!


  1. Guess it can't be said that we're above trying something new now can it?

    Happy Friday Gutes.

  2. Can't believe someone didn't like Black Dynamite...


    I was trying to be all polite and junk, but seriously, that shit's fucking annoying.

    Oh, dear, sometimes I fear I come off as an unlearned teenaged neanderthal. I mean, I am, but this is the internet. You're not supposed to, like, know I am.

  4. @Hatter: Yeah. It't the effort that counts.

    @Aiden: I know. Shocking!

    @Simon: It's alright. I've barely passed teenagerdom! You're in good company!

  5. Even though you (and Aiden) disagree with me on BLACK DYNAMITE, I thank you for the link, Sir.

  6. @Intel: It's my pleasure. I always love it when someone dislikes a movie I liked. Means there's room for quality conversation on the matter.