February 23, 2011

According to the Movies #26

If the movies say it, it must be true!

Every so often, we all feel that urge. You know what I'm talking about. When you get a beat in your head, your foot starts tapping, your head starts bopping, your booty starts shaking, and the lyrics just come pouring out of your mouth. Well, maybe you don't have that feeling all that often. After all, bursting into song in broad daylight, surrounded by a bunch of people who don't know you won't accomplish anything other than the receiving of dirty looks. But, if you do suddenly find the power of the music in you, let it loose. Something magical will happen. Music is a mystical thing, and impulsively bursting into song awakens this mysticism. Sing, and you will find yourself in weird and magical worlds. Take, for example, Moulin Rouge. As Christian hits the really epic part of "Your Song", he and Satine are whisked away, riding stars and dancing on clouds. In Rent, Mark and Joanne bond over their shared disdain for Maureen's ways, and suddenly find themselves in the midst of ballroom, doing a sexy tango. In Chicago, every number that Roxie, Velma, or Billy belt out transports them onto the stage, bedecked in sparkles and spazz!

The Lesson: The power of music is unbeatable thing. Let it consume you, and you will be taking on a wonderful journey. Just make sure everyone around you is cool with it, cuz otherwise it'll end up like that scene from Sweeney Todd where Johnny Depp makes a complete fool of himself in front of Helena Bonham Carter. Just sayin'...

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