February 17, 2011

Glee Review: Comeback


Glee this week sees Rachel trying to stage a comeback. From what? I don't know. Anyway, she hires Brittany to start sporting her style in order to start a trend. That blows up in her face.

While all this crap is going down, Sam is trying to win back Quinn. How does he do this? He starts a Justin Bieber cover band. Amazingly, this works. All the girls thrown themselves at his feet and all the guys want in on the action. Only Finn acknowledges the stupidity of the whole situation, but even he's not above cashing in on the phase when it becomes clear that Quinn is turned on. Sad stuff.

Meanwhile, Sue is in a bit of a funk, even attempting to commit "Sue-icide". Will is actually sympathetic and, at Emma's goading, grudgingly lets her into the club. Though she does attempt her usual tricks, she is actually moved by Glee's exploits, and becomes one of them. Of course, she goes turncoat on they asses in the end, but it was nice to see a good Sue for a change.

These three plots are handled pretty well, though the Bieber one does get forgotten about halfway through the episode. Sue's arc in this episode was nice, and even though we all knew she wouldn't really change in the end, it was refreshing to see her soft side again. The Sam/Quinn relationship was destined to fail from Day 1, and this seemed like a very natural way to end it. I'm curious to see what happens to these people, since Finn still seems to be harboring feelings for Rachel even though he wants to be with Quinn. Powerful stuff.

Music wise, this episode was a corpse at the start, but was revived once the writers decided to stop playing Bieber. While it was hilarious to see all the girls charge Sam and all the guys stand in bewilderment, the fact remains that Justin Bieber is a plague upon all that is good in music, and his songs, no matter well they are handled, will never be good. This is remedied by an inspired diva off between Rachel and Mercedes, set to, of all things, "Take Me Baby Or Leave Me" from Rent. Finally, they play some Rent!!! Lauren finally flexed her solo muscles with "I Know What Boys Like" by The Waitresses. That was alright, but a solo voice is something the character is lacking in. She didn't sound very good, despite the fact that she gave it her all.

The best song came at the end. Sue, fed up with all the Bieber, suggests a proper anthem for the club to use at Regionals. He suggestion? "Sing" by My Chemical Romance. OH! HELL! YEAH!!! That's one of the best songs off My Chem's new album, and the club knocked it out of the park. That's how you sing a bloody rock song!

Humor wise, the trend of being spot on continues. Brittany had some winner lines, and Rachel's description of her look as being "Sexy Schoolgirl Librarian Chic" was fantastic. But the funniest parts came from the episodes spot on skewering of Biebermania! The punchline came early, and saw Sam singing a pathetic version of "Baby" to a bunch of downtrodden girls at a Bat Mitzvah. Barely two bars in, and he's being attacked by said girls, who now in a feverish frenzy of excitement and pre-pubescent love. Good stuff. Sue had some good lines, and Brittany was actually given a chance to lay down some pain, as when she tells Rachel what people are really thinking when they look at her. "They see a cat getting its temperature taken and then they hear it screaming." Awesome! Also, Puck in a toupee? Come on! That's great!

It was good episode. Not quite up to the level of the last two, but keeping the streak of strong offerings from New Directions and Co. It'll be interesting to see how the new plot lines pan out. Rachel's going to write a song for the club, and Sam is on the outs with Quinn and on the ins with Santana. Sue has reverted back to her usual self and has been named the coach of Aural Intensity, the club's rival at Regionals. What will she do, we wonder?

You know, it's right in front of our faces, but I don't think anyone's acknowledged it yet. That is one incestuous group of individuals right there. I mean, jeez!

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  1. I wouldn't say that MCR is a good band, but they know how to get people worked up like something important's happening.

    And I think it's called Oral Intensity.