February 16, 2011

According to the Movies #25

If the movies say it, it must be true!

I'm starved for ideas right now, so it's gonna be unoriginal this week.

Today, we'll be focusing on Evil Ex #2. Name: Lucas Lee. Class: Skater Turned Actor. Level: 35. Scott must do battle with him on the set of his new film. Unfortunately, being a big movie star comes with perks, one of those being that you never have to do your own stunts. Mr. Lee is an adept fighter, but is more than happy to let his stunt team do the work. One thing you should know about stunt teams. They will all look differently from the guy they are... stunting(?) for, will be different sizes, even different races. But, they will all sound like him. Apparently Hollywood duplicated the voice sticker thing from Mission Impossible, so all the stunt guys sound like their boss. Case in point. Take a look.

The Lesson: If you have to fight a movie star, he will sick his stunt team on you. Be prepared. They will look nothing like him, but will sound exactly like him. This is meant to throw you off... somehow. Seems kinda pointless to me, but, whatever. Knowing's half the battle!

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