September 10, 2010

Poll Results: The Name Change

You voted for it! Here are the results!

The Question: So, the name change is happening. Here are some options I came up with! I have a favorite, but I want to see how the others sound to you. Weigh in!

1. Cinematic Snark: 3 Votes (Yeah, kinda cliched, but it fit the bill!)

2. How the Massacre of Sonny Corleone Affected a Teenager, and Other Things of That Nature: 3 Votes (Too long! Wasn't really taking it seriously when I put it in the pot, but, guess it was well received!)

3. Films From the Supermassive Black Hole: 5 Votes (Is my borderline unhealthy obsession with Muse that obvious?)

4. The 9th Rule of Fight Club: 2 Votes (Would've been cool, but something tells me there's a blog out there that already came up with that.)

Well children! It looks like you and I think alike! Films From the Supermassive Black Hole was my top choice! Give me a few hours to change up the layout and put the finishing touches on my banner, but, by the end of the day, you'll see a brand, spanking new blog in this space! Hopefully one with a more interesting layout (Here's looking at you Nick!). Thanks guys!


  1. If you want the name to stick, personally I would open a new blog (So the name appears correctly in links and Google Reader) and then migrate the content from the defunct Detailed Criticisms to the new blog. Then just keep a single mainpage on the only link directing people to the new one. Love the new title.

  2. Whatever you decide to do, I'm definitely liking the name and the new look. Puts a lot more of your personality out there than DC did. And the rating images/links with them are working much better, too. Great improvements all around!

  3. Pretty! And I like the name. Although the red type is hard to read. Perhaps a different shade?

  4. That was so confusing. I like the layout, though.

  5. The new name. I saw it on my dashboard and didn't recall following it, then thought it was a revival of one of those defunct blogs I haven't unfollowed yet, and so on...

  6. That was so confusing. I like the layout, though.