October 4, 2010

Trailer Trash: Skyline

It's time to root through some trailers. What sorts of wonderful things will be alluded to today?

Ok, yes, I know. The trailer for True Grit came out, and it's awesome! But, everyone and their dog is writing about that one and I want to give another project a chance to shine. Look at me, being all charitable like that.

Skyline seeks to put a new spin on the alien abduction/invasion genre with it's fresh idea. As people start to wake up in the morning, they see a bright blue light from outside. Once they see the light, they are hooked, and walk, zombie like, towards it. Once they arrive at the source of the light, they are sucked up into one of the dozens of ships that have appeared in the sky. A group of survivors that have managed to avoid being abducted must now contend with the invasion force, which includes giant four legged monsters, tenacious attack drones, and other, as yet unknown things. As the world begins to fight back, this group of survivors struggle to stay alive.

Skyline employs a cast of relative unknowns. Eric Balfour is the clear protagonist, as he gets the most screen time. Donald Faison, aka Turk from Scrubs, is also in the mix, as is David Zayas from Dexter. I'm not familiar enough with these actors to form an opinion, but, from what I've seen, they're pretty good. Should be interesting to see how they do.

This trailer looks pretty sweet! The previous one was enough to start stirring the juices of interest in my brian, and now I am officially excited for this to come out! It visually impressive, well shot, and looks to have some cool action and special effects. The only caveat is that is made by the same people who gave us the abysmal Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. Only time will tell whether or not they can redeem themselves.


  1. Skyline looks awesome. I'm retarded for any end of the world scenario!

  2. I like the three featured actors, but so far I've only seen them all in supporting roles, and mainly on t.v. I'm not sure about their skills to pull off a huge sci-fi number like this.