October 28, 2010

Glee Review: The Rocky Horror Glee Show

They really like the tributes this season, don't they?

Never one to take a hint, Will starts off this week's Glee still trying to woo Emma. Upon hearing that she had a blast at a midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Carl, Will impulsively decides that the glee club will perform Rocky Horror for the school musical. Rachel and Finn immediately jump on the roles of Janet and Brad, Sam nabs the role of the monster, Kurt refuses to play Frank-n-furter, and instead gets Riff-Raff. Mike is forced to drop out of the production when his parents order him to, which leaves a gap in the cast that Will cannot fill. Enter Carl, who, as it turns is a Rocky Horror fanatic with a killer voice. He offers to step in for Mike as Eddie, leaving the role of Frank-n-furter to fall to Mercedes.

Meanwhile, Sue infiltrates the production under the guise of helping out so that she can run a piece on inappropriate content in schools for Sue's Corner. Will and Emma continue to just run circles around each other, and end with Will promising to leave Emma alone. Didn't he do that just two episodes ago? Jeez, the guy just doesn't learn.

The big theme this episode is body image, as both Finn and Sam will be forced into revealing outfits for their roles. This doesn't bother Sam, who apparently has aspirations to become the next Stallone or something given how much he works out and the diet he adheres to. Finn, on the other hand, is terrified of appearing on stage in nothing but his tidey-whities. It's an interesting concept that Glee hasn't covered before, and it is handled surprisingly well.

Musically, this week is on point, though that's not saying much. The music of Rocky Horror isn't exactly the epitome of the rock opera, if you ask me. Still, the cast does a great job with their songs. "Time Warp" is a lot of fun, John Stamos' rendition of "Hot Patootie" is a rollicking good time, and Finn and Rachel's, albeit quick, cover of "Dammit Janet" is absurdly funny. There are a couple of blemishes though. The best song in the whole thing, "Science Fiction/Double Feature", sung so wonderfully by Santana, only lasts a couple of seconds. I'll admit, it was funny to see Emma sing "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me", but here voice is surprisingly weak, and didn't lend itself well to the song. And what the hell were the writers thinking making Mercedes Frank-n-furter? I mean, really? That was just stupid.

Comedy wise, this episode was strong. There were tons of great lines. I loved when Finn admitted to not knowing what was going on in the show, and not in "a cool-Inception kind of way." Becky's line "Give me chocolate or I will cut you!" was brilliant, and to see Santana being so forward about her desire to screw Carl was quite amusing. It was also hilarious to see the cast rehearsing with Will playing two roles. "Finn's line. Eddie's line. Finn's line." Awesome!

It's not the best episode so far this season. The whole Will/Emma thing just ends up in the same place as it began, and am I the only one who is getting weirded out by Will performing with the club? I don't know. Apart from that and few missteps in terms of music, this was a good episode. As a tribute, it probably could have been handled a bit better, but it was a fun time with plenty of laughs and a well delivered message about body image.

Ok, enough is enough! Bring Puck back already!


  1. I wanted to punch this episode in the face. I mean, Mercedes as Frank N Furter? Other Asian (as he'll always be to me, dammit) would've at least kept the theme of the movie going.

  2. I wanted to punch this episode in the face. I mean, Mercedes as Frank N Furter? Other Asian (as he'll always be to me, dammit) would've at least kept the theme of the movie going.