April 5, 2011

Cinematic Captions #14

Alright, folks! Cleverness caps on! Time to impress me!

But first, last week's winners.

Honorable Mention: "Looks like that Proactiv stuff really work for ya." (Courtesy of Rachel [f.g.i.])

As much as pains me to say it, Castor was right.

And the winner is... Kai!!!

Part of me hopes Dylan starts a feud with Kai over this. I always wanted to be the instigator of a war. (Not actually true!)

The Leaderboard
Castor (4)
Fletch (2)
Simon (2)
Kai (2)
Univarn (1)
Rachel (1)
Aiden (1)

Alright, for this week, we're getting a bit manic!

Amuse me!!


  1. "Man, this midget blowjob thing sounded way better when we left the house!"

  2. I... I really need to drop a number 2! Where is the nearest Burger King???

  3. What's wrong with Jackie Brown? I like Jackie Brown...

    *drawing upon all driving experience with nervous mother*


  4. @The Rapid Reviewer: Crude, but effective. Also, since I don't remember seeing you around, I'd like to welcome you to the Black Hole! Come on in. Get comfortable. We don't bite (too hard).

    @Castor: Oh no. You're not gonna start on the fecal thing now that Aiden's given up, are you?

    @Simon: That didn't actually happen... did it?

  5. Well, my sister was driving, and I was quivering in the back seat praying to any god who would listen. Yes. It happened.

    Mother's so funny when she's panicking...

  6. "Never ride with a man who's just realized that he's left his wife home alone with Denzel Washington."

    Any points for doubling down on references? :P

  7. Awwww, yeah! Thass my jam!

    And yes, sadly, Kai and I are no longer on speaking terms due to his flagrant badmouthing of Miss Jackie. I gotta go see my friend Ordell about him, see if we can do anything about it.

  8. Dylan is kidding. He's gay for me. Now, my entry:
    "As much as it pained him to do so, Mark Wahlberg could not help but raise the roof when Good Vibrations came on the radio!"

  9. My quote is messed up, it should have been: "I really need to dump a number two! Are you sure Burger King is around here?"


  10. That was me, the previous comment. It's late :)

  11. @Castor: You really must stop doing that.