April 19, 2011

Cinematic Captions #16

Alright folks! Cleverness caps on! Time to impress me.

But first, a PSA. I love that this thing has caught on, and has developed a following, but I'd be remiss if I didn't say that I want more people taking part. So, here's what's gonna happen. Pass along the feature to your friends and blogging buddies and tell them to take part. The more new blood the better. Most importantly, tell them to tell me that you sent them. The person who sends me the most fresh faces gets something special (to be determined later).

In no way does this have anything to do with the fact that the LAMMY noms went live yesterday, and I really want this to get nominated for Best Feature!

And now, last week's winner!

Honorable Mentions: "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" (Courtesy of Castor), "YOU...KILLED...A...MARMOT????" (Courtesy of Rachel [f.g.i]).

We have a new addition to the board this week.

The winner is... Mad Hatter!!!!

It grows ever bigger (that's what she said)!!!

The Leaderboard
Castor (4)
Fletch (2)
Simon (2)
Kai (2)
Univarn (2)
Rachel (1)
Aiden (1)
Hatter (1)

This week's took me awhile to choose. I grabbed four screens from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and all of them were equally hilarious. But, I finally went for this one.

Amuse me!


  1. Evolution of Man - shorthand.

  2. "Mirror, Mirror on the wall which actor is the least likely to fall"

  3. Jesus! It's like my mother is in cahoots with the universe. Fine! I'll date the successful one and dump the shlub. *sigh*

  4. I give up - it's too hahd to keep up wit **thiz** guy.

  5. "So that's the guy you are cheating on me with?"

  6. You are now approaching a Respectable Career. Turn right ahead to continue to your destination.

  7. One of these actors was forced to do a Kevin Smith movie by their best friend. Can you guess who?