April 19, 2011

It's LAMMY Time

Break it down!

It is that time of year again folks. If the Academy can hand out awards to their favorites, then so can the LAMB. The 2011 LAMMYs have kicked off. You know the drill. Head over to the poll and nominate me your favorite LAMBs for everything under the sun. But, no really. Please vote for me. I'm really proud of how much my site grew over the last year, and I would love a nomination. Even so, regardless if you don't vote for me, you should still get out there and let your voice be heard, because there are countless LAMBs that are deserving of at least one of the awards. Follow the link. Do your civic duties!



  1. Good luck, man. Gonna be harder than ever to win one of these things! Either way, your support of it is noted.

  2. Best of luck Sebastian - you'll have at least a couple votes from me (not saying for what) so at least you'll always have that :P

  3. @Fletch: I think I'm up to the challenge.

    @Univarn: Thanks Univarn. I sent a couple your way as well.