September 13, 2010

Trailer Trash: Priest

It's time to root through some trailers. What sorts of wonderful things will be alluded to today?

What is our major malfunction that makes vampires so appealing to us? I mean, seriously, let's tick em' off, why don't we! Eclipse, Daybreakers, True Blood, Let Me In, and The Vampire Diaries have graced us with their bloodsucking presence this year alone! Priest will soon be added to that list!

It's the future, and the world has been torn apart by wars with vampires! Out of the ashes, religion has risen, leading the people into a bleak, but safe existence! Vampires are still a threat though, so, to combat the demonic bastards, the church trains priests, ultimate badasses who jump really high and do cool things with silver! All's beautiful and starshine until one of the priests, Ivan Issacs, has his niece abducted in a vampire attack! Rather then heed his order's ruling to do nothing, he turns his back on his superiors and stages a one man war to save her!

Paul Bettany is Issacs! I don't know. I've never been able to accept Bettany as a badass action hero, but, he looks alright here! Cam Gigandet and Maggie Q are his sidekicks in whooping ass! They look alright, but the trailer doesn't show enough of them for me to formulate an opinion. One person I'm excited as hell about is Karl Urban as man bad guy, Black Hat. That image of him conducting music as the town burns behind him looks so sweet! He's back on the a-list now, thanks to Star Trek, so I'm anxious to see how he does! Also, Stephen Moyer, aka Bill from True Blood, is in it! I'm down!

The trailer looks very cool, but I'm still apprehensive. That's because Priest is made by the exact same team behind the God-awful Legion earlier this year! Granted, Priest looks a whole hell of a lot better than that festival of mediocrity, but, even so. It get's you worried! Otherwise, I love the look of the movie, and I dig the vibe of mixing old west tones with a futuristic setting, although no one will ever be able to pull that off as well as Joss Whedon! The action looks fun, and I'm very interested to see how they play with the idea of religion taking on the role of a totalitarian regime!

On another note, what the hell kind of vampires are these?

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  1. I don't know man. These movies are always hit or miss and I always wait for the reviews to come in. It certainly doesn't help that this is from the makers of Legion lol