September 22, 2010

According to the Movies #11

If the movies say it, it must be true!

Have you noticed it? That strange phenomena? Has it ever occurred to you that movies where a serial killer is the main focus never end on a happy note! Disregard parodies and send ups from that list; no one wants to hear Ghostface or Chucky in this forum! Anyway, it's actually kinda scary. Think about it! Se7en ends with Brad Pitt gunning down Kevin Spacey in a fit of rage after Spacey puts Pitt's wife's head in a box! Zodiac ends with the main character's lives in disarray after they realize that their obsession with the case was slowly driving them insane! Though Laurie survives in Halloween, Michael is still on the loose! Freddy Krueger lives in your dreams, and, as such, cannot be killed, and Jason Voorhees will just NEVER! FUCKING! QUIT!

His tenacity is infuriating!

The Lesson: If you are in a movie where a serial killer is the main focus, and said movie is taking the whole thing seriously, abandon all hope! It's not gonna end well!

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