January 22, 2012

Sundance Review: The Invisible War

Rape is the most despicable crime that can be committed! You can argue against that, but you will never convince me otherwise. I don't care who you are, or what your relationship to me is. If you've done it, I have nothing to say to you. I can't fathom how anyone can say "Oh, it's the woman's fault", or whatever. It's awful. So, I was particularly interested in seeing The Invisible War, which deals with the epidemic of uninvestigated and unresolved sexual assault cases in the military. Director Kirby Dirk has excelled at exposing the bullshit permeating american society, whether it's with the MPAA or closeted politicians lobbying for anit-gay legislation. He busts open this particular problem with unflinching accounts from survivors struggling with the trauma and the men and women who have seen how careless the military commanders are. If you care, even remotely, about this issue, see this movie!

It's impossible to not be affected in some way throughout this movie. You'll either walk out of the theatre incredibly moved and in tears, or walk out incredibly moved and furious. I walked out feeling some sort of combination of both. 

It's really harrowing seeing all these victims talking about their experiences, and being so open about it. All these people, both men and women, wanted to do was serve their country and something that they could be proud of. But, because they were assaulted, and because their superiors didn't act, they were forced out of the thing that they always wanted to do. 

There are tons of stats and facts that are presented that drew sharp intakes of breath and incredulous remarks from the audience. Foremost in my mind was a blurb that came at the end. The military will not hear the lawsuits from victims of rape, because they deem rape an occupational hazard when serving in the military. 


If you responded in a similar fashion to me, you should see this movie. Everyone should see this movie. This thing needs to get picked up like crazy and get screened everywhere it can. 

And if you can't catch the film, you can still help. Go to www.invisiblewarmovie.com to sign the petition and find out ways you can contribute. 

Anyway, there's not much I can say as to the quality of the film. It's all very well done, but if there are any flaws, you won't notice, because the purpose of the movie is too important. It's a very difficult movie to watch, but it's one that needs to be seen by anyone and everyone. 

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