January 5, 2012

2011: The Retrospect: Top 5 Best Scenes

Beware! There's a seriously red band clip concealed within!

You all have it on the mind as you stroll on out into the light of the real world. That one thing. That one scene. 2011 had tons, literally, TONS of great scenes. But THERE CAN ONLY BE FIVE HIGHLANDER!!! Wait, what? That's the wrong line. Anyway, from elaborate sequences depicting the creation of the universe, to crazy feats of absurdity, to lot's and lot's of blood! These are the five best of those. Here they are, Films From the Supermassive Black Hole's Top 5 Best Scenes of 2011!

5. Scaling the Burj Khalifa (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol)

Christ, this scene is intense. Traditionally, the action in the Mission Impossible movies was fun, but nothing special. But then Brad Bird, and animation director, stepped in. He directs this installment in the franchise as if it were animated. Nothing is out of the questions, and the laws of physics have no say! The scene sees Ethan Hunt climbing along the side of the world's tallest building, while the rest of his team scramble to intercept a series of targets. Awesome by itself. Throw in the inclusion of a slowly approaching sandstorm, and you have action movie gold!

4. The Gods vs. The Titans (Immortals)

Tarsem Singh's eyegasm of a Greek epic really goes for broke in this finale. Theseus has done all he can to stop Hyperion from releasing the Titans. He fails, but all is not lost. Now that Titans have entered the picture, the Gods can finally join the fight. What follows is the most gleefully violent and gory scenes of the year!

3. Caesar Speaks (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

Caesar was already a compelling character, easily the most interesting of this reboot?, remake?, of the classic franchise. As the film progressed, we were fully on his side as he gradually came to turn against humans. When he finally reveals the ability to speak, it's absolutely chilling. What follows is really great!

2. The Prince's Tale (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2)

My God, this scene is heartbreaking. The Battle of Hogwarts has come to standstill, but it is clear that Voldemort is winning. Having taken a memory from the dying Snape, Harry is finally told the extent of what he must sacrifice in order to defeat the dark lord. In addition, he finally learns Snape's true motivations. Alan Rickman is achingly good here! This scene is just beautiful!

Quality on this sucks! It's the best I could find. Sorry!

1. The Opening Getaway (Drive)

I'm gonna call out that woman from Michigan again cuz I really don't see how she could have misinterpreted the film like that. This opening scene sets the tone and the style of the film with quiet grace and steely confidence. Driver is one well put together individual, never even breaking a sweat as he effortlessly dodges cop cars, choppers, and other obstacles. SO! FRIGGIN'! SWEET!

One more day of silliness before the important stuff. Thanks for the feedback so far, folks. You are quite swell! And, as always, check back at 2011: The Retrospect for all your 2011 memories! See y'all tomorrow! Brush your teeth!


  1. I actually would include 4 of these 5, but in different order (I would take out the Apes thing. I really liked the movie, but not THAT much).

    Of course, Harry Potter would be #1. Then Immortals at #2 and Ghost Protocol at #3. Drive would probably be at #5, though I'm not sure what #4 would be just yet. I'd have to think about it.

  2. Great list! I still unfortunately haven't seen a couple of these films, so I have to get on that. And whatever anyone says about Drive (even I didn't think it was the BEST film of the year, even though I did enjoy it a lot), that opening scene was pure brilliance.

  3. Your #1 would also be my #1. Nice pick!

  4. I just thought of a couple other favorite scenes... the cab scene from I Saw the Devil, the sex/shootout in Drive Angry, the "big reveal" in Final Destination 5, and the "mad dash" at the end of Attack the Block.

  5. @Nick: Good minds do think alike, no don't they?

    @M. Hufstader: I know. I love "action" scenes like that. They are the best!

    @Andy Buckle: See above @Nick comment.

    @Nick: I regret to inform you that I haven't seen any of those. I suck!

  6. You do suck! :P

    I Saw the Devil and Attack the Block are the must-sees from that list. FD5 is decent, but it's the ending that's awesome. Drive Angry is hit or miss for people--I happened to like it, but either way... the sex/shootout scene is still pretty awesome.