September 11, 2011

10 Years On...

I was living in Houston, Texas.
I was in fourth grade, at the River Oaks Baptist School.
I remember that day, walking with my class to morning recess, and seeing a bunch of kids walking with their parents to their cars.
I remember chatting amicably with my friends about what all these kids must have done wrong.
I remember the teachers talking in hushed voices in the corner of the playground as we did our thing.
I remember going back to the room and starting on a math lesson.
I remember when my teacher came over and told me to grab my bag, that my dad was outside to pick me up.
I remember thinking, "Uh-oh"
I remember getting in my dad's car.
I remember thinking, "Darn, today was taco day in the cafeteria."
I remember getting home and depositing my bag in my room.
I remember hearing the TV on in my parents room.
I remember going in to see what was on.
And we all know the rest...

Never forget.

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