August 2, 2010

Trailer Trash: Sucker Punch

It's time to root through some trailers! What sort of wonderful things will be alluded to today?

With my Joseph Gordon-Levitt blog-a-thon winding to a close, it's time to get back to regular stuff. Today's trailer is for a film that doesn't come out till next year, but it is already my most anticipated!

Sucker Punch is about... you know? I actually have no clue what it's about, but, I know what it has. It has hot girls kicking ass with katanas, broadswords, and a whole ton of guns. It has dragons! It has monsters! It has Nazis. It has dragons fighting Nazis. It has mechs jumping up into the sky to pulverize some biplanes. It has zeppelins crashing to the ground in a orgasmic display of destruction! It has an enormous cave troll, wielding a mini-gun! To hell with the story! I'm there on opening night! There is a plot about a girl who wants to escape from the mental hospital that she's locked up in, but, that's inconsequential when you have CAVE TROLLS WITH MINI-GUNS!!

As with all Zach Snyder movies, he employs a cast of relative unknowns to populate his world. For this, he has Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Abbie Cornish, and Jena Malone as his ass kicking heroines, Carla Gugino as... someone, and Jon Hamm as... someone else! I don't know. Nothing's been given away so far, so I have nothing to go on.

This is the coolest trailer I have seen in a hell of a long time! I don't remember the last time a less than two minute teaser got me this excited for a film. If this is anything to go on, Sucker Punch will be one, giant maelstrom of fire, steel, and dirt! Epileptics beware! The action looks top notch, as with all of Snyder's films! Whether or not it looks this cool in the finished product remains to be seen, but, Snyder has consistently impressed. No reason to suspect he won't do it here!



  1. This trailer doesn't do anything for me but what's interesting is that you say Snyder works with unknowns which may be an overstatement. He doesn't work with A-listers really but unknowns? Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish, Helen Mirren, Hugo Weaving, Geoffry Rush, Patrick Wilson, Vanessa Hudgens all seem to be pretty well known.

  2. I love the slightly steampunky feel of the character posters... "It's the future as imagined by people from the 1950s. With a bit of manga fantasy kitsch thrown in'.

    Looks aside, I'm hoping this will achieve what Alice In Wonderland 3D didn't.

    The plot of Suckerpunch: A girl is stuck in a 1950s lunatic asylum and needs to escape her villainously evil father and potential lobotomy. The only way to do this, of course, is retreat into one's imagination...

    Yay :)

  3. It to no surprise looks aesthetically pleasing which I come to expect from Snyder trailers, also the trailers often end up being more powerful than his actual movies, so I'm hesitant about getting too enthralled with this one. It's more than likely one I'll catch in the theater anyway though.