July 1, 2011

Trailer Trash: Immortals

Time to root through some trailers. What sorts of wonderful things will be alluded to today?

After 300, people deemed it alright to go with style over substance. Hell, 300 had barely any substance to speak of, and we still ate it up like it was Thanksgiving and we had been on a year long fast. However, there has been as of a late a resurgence of style and substance in the same movie. Dear God, who'da-thunk? Immortals looks to be such a film.

Forget the plot. It's your usual men and gods and over the top Greek warfare story. The talent here is what has me hopeful. Surefire talents Mickey Rourke and Freida Pinto lend their efforts to the proceedings, but it's Henry Cavill that has me interested. I really hope he does well in the lead here, if only because it will quell some of the fears that I have that is going to royally screw up Superman.

Anyway, the trailer looks sick, with kick ass music and tons of juicy shots of sword and spear action. Keep your eye on this one. It looks primed to please!

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