November 30, 2010

Cinematic Captions #1

In an effort to keep myself busy with this blog, I'm introducing a new feature which will fill the Tuesday gap. It's a fun little thing, the main purpose of which is to amuse myself, which, in turn, will amuse you, hopefully. It's a play on LOLCATZ. Pretty self explanatory, I think. Here's the first installment! Enjoy!!!

Addendum: This will become interactive. I'm just testing the waters. Chill, young grasshoppas!


  1. Ah! Nice new feature :) I think a more interactive one would be to pick a picture and have readers caption it in the comments.

  2. @Castor: I think I'll end up doing that after all, but that's a lot like what Nathaniel does at The Film Experience... though he hasn't done it in a while. I will make it interactive soon. Don't worry.