October 31, 2011

The Black Hole Presents: Some Movies To Watch On Halloween

Ok, fine! For this holiday, the tradition is to list off your top 10 favorite horror movies and wait for the comments to practically rewrite your list as you go off and get plastered on pumpkin ale.

But that's dumb!

So, I'm not gonna do it!

Well, actually, I'm not gonna do it because I actually haven't seen enough diverse horror movies to make an interesting list. For me, it's basically have 28 Days Later... and Se7en fight it out for number one, and the rest is all random.


So, I thought I'd instead shoot off a bunch of films, one from each genre of horror, that could serve you well on this, the day where college coeds can dress up as sluts without anyone saying anything about it, and yes, I did take that line from Mean Girls.

Let's get started, shall we?

Slasher: Scream
You could really go anywhere with this genre, provided your choice was made before 1990. Sorry, but when it comes to slashers, original Freddy, Jason, and Michael just can't be beat. But, I'm going for something a bit more kooky than those guys. My choice for the slasher to watch on halloween is Scream. A perfect blend of clever wit and torrents of blood, this is one of those rare films that is legitimately funny, whilst being legitimately terrifying. Even after multiple viewings, that scene where Billy and Stu stab themselves still gets me.
Scariest Scene: The Mutilation Scene

Zombie: Land of the Dead
Boom! Didn't expect that, did ya? I don't really know why, but I really friggin' like Land of the Dead. In fact, I think I actually prefer it to the other Romero movies, and certainly to any other zombie movie out there. The dead are smart in this one, which makes the terror factor that much more significant, the gore is out of control, there are some surprisingly sad and touching moments, and it has the late, great Dennis Hopper hamming it up as a world class scumbag. What's not to like?
Scariest Scene: The Zombies Cross the River

Aside: It's a good thing I'm limiting myself to movies on this one, cuz you totally would've seen The Walking Dead up there if I wasn't.

Serial Killer: Se7en
There is a difference between slasher and serial killer. Slasher is just a bunch of people getting massacred in a short period of time. Serial killer horror takes on a more methodical approach, and is more of suspense genre than an all out horror genre. But, these are technicalities that I do not care about. Though films like The Silence of the Lambs and American Psycho make strong cases, the cream of the crop in this case is, of course, Se7en, David Fincher's twisted, horrifying police procedural about the hunt for the most sadistic killer this side of Jack the Ripper. Powerful stuff.
Scariest Scene: Sloth

End of the World: 28 Days Later...
Your welcome, Nick! I didn't put this in zombie horror for you. FOR YOU, I SAY!!! Actually, it was because this film is far more compelling doomsday scenario than it is straight up zombie. The best and scariest end of days films are the ones that seem possible, and 28 Days Later..., from its long, quiet shots of lifeless cities and interstates, to the tense scenes where the infected attack, certainly comes across as plausible.
Scariest Scene: A Deserted London

Sci-Fi: Alien
I mean, what else is there? Predator? No, I don't think so. Sure, Event Horizon is a fine choice, and I guess The Terminator could fall into this category, but for sheer, spine tingling terror in space, you can't do better than the granddaddy of sci-fi horror! May films since this one have attempted to emulate its atmosphere and style; all have failed.
Scariest Scene: Kane's Indigestion

Horror-Comedy: Fright Night
Scream could potentially find itself in this one, but I never repeat movies on lists like this. And Shaun of the Dead is chosen sooooooo often that it would just be boring and easy to go with that. So, I'm going with Fright Night. Any version will do, though I am thinking specifically of the newer one with Colin Farrell and The Doctor. Gallons of blood with buckets of laughs. Thank me later.
Scariest Scene: Jerry Eats An Apple

That's all for me right now. Did I miss a genre? Pick the wrong movie? Well? You all have an opinion. I expect responses in that little thing down there. I'll give you some candy!

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