June 18, 2010

How the West Was Lost!!

I have neither the energy nor the interest to write a full review of Jonah Hex, so, this'll be quick. Jonah Hex is not worth any of the hard earned cash that you will spend on it. I went in expecting a bad, but kick-ass action film. What I got was a really bad, boring as hell action film. The acting is terrible; Michael Fassbender is the only one having any fun in his role! The action is boring and uninspired. All the "DAMN" moments that these movies should have are nowhere to be seen! Bad special effects, really generic plotting, and the most anti-climatic finale in recent memory add up to make this one contemptible piece of work. If you are looking for fun, pointless action, The A-Team will suit far better than Jonah Hex. This is movie made in the wrong time. It belongs back in the 90s, when comic book movies sucked, rather then now, when they are awesome! It would have been right at home then.

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