September 4, 2009

Only on Blu-Ray...

So, I know it came out a few months ago, but I just saw the director's cut of Watchmen in sexy 1080p Hi-Def format. The new scenes surprisingly do a lot in adding to an already heavy film, and it is a much better movie because of this. All the actors are much better in these scenes, especially Malin Ackerman in one of her extended scenes on Mars. Jackie Earle Haley is still superb, and his added dialogue as Rorschach is fantastic. Characters that were only seen in one or two scenes in the theatrical version are more fleshed out and given more to do. Stephen McHattie as Hollis Mason has double the amount of screen time, and even gets to do some ass kicking of his own in a particularly moving and brutal scene. The film still has some glaring flaws, like in an extended segment when Ackerman and Patrick Wilson beat the crap out of a group of thugs, and then continue talking as if nothing happened. Also, director Zach Snyder still hasn't atoned for his sinful awful sex scene, even with all the great new scenes added. Anyway, if you have a Blu-Ray player, you can't really go wrong with Watchmen, but be sure to see it in Blu-Ray. Be warned: the new run time is 3 hours.

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