August 30, 2011

LAMBcast #81: There's Something Around the Corner

Ugh. Nature sucks! Not only was the weather on Sunday shitty to Olympian levels, but I've been without power for a good chunk of time. I'm sitting in the library right now, leeching juice from the backup generators. That's also why you didn't see any CC over at Man, I Love Films.

Seriously! Fuck nature!

But, whatever man. Keep on truckin'. That's what I say. Here's something to hold you over whilst I think of something interesting to say here. LAMBcast #81 saw myself, Dylan, Nick, Tom, and Sam discussing the upcoming movie season, ranting and raving about certain things (hear Tom make me feel all guilty about complaining about what I thought was an expensive movie ticket in San Francisco), and close up with some Last Lamb Standing (I was EVIL. It was awesome! You'll see). Enjoy!


  1. If I can't have cheap movie tickets, no one should have them!!!

  2. Perhaps an interest in the movies just isn't in the cards for you, Netflix, crazy expensive tickets. Well, that or perhaps a move to America? Eh? :D

  3. Lol depends, would you let me crash on your couch indefinitely? :P

  4. Hmmm...indefinitely is a long time, but shit, that accent alone would earn you a ton of points in America. We're so easy...