May 9, 2010

Quality Begats Tripe

Mike Lippert over at You Talking to Me? is hosting a little event. He gathered a bunch of bloggers, and together, we are counting down a list of the 27 Greatest Movies That Made Going to the Movies Suck! Each writer gets a top tier movie that is widely regarded as good, in some cases, excellent, and then writes about it and its bad influence on modern day cinema. The event started on May 2 and will go until the last entry, the write up on biggest culprit of them all, is posted on May 29. So far, articles discussing the legacies of It Happened One Night, Gladiator, Spider-Man, Trainspotting, Terminator 2, Toy Story, Deliverence, and a damn good write up on Scream have been put up. My film is ranked pretty high on the list, so you won't get to see my contribution until late in the game. Check it out. There's been some great stuff already, and more to come! Comment. Agree. Disagree. Be good little worker bees! See ya next time!

1 comment:

  1. Everyone's stuff has been so good I'm waiting eagerly until I get to post something of mine, but that will be coming in a few days so all is well. Thanks for the plug.