January 29, 2010

Amongst the White Stuff

I'm very excited right now. You can't tell, but I'm jumping up and down in anticipation. I just landed in Park City, where the Sundance Film Festival is winding down, and I'm very much looking forward to my day tomorrow. I don't have any guarantees of getting into the two movies I'm hoping on seeing, but I'm getting up at a ridiculous hour to get in line as soon as possible to increase my chances. First on my list is Welcome to the Rileys, starring James Gandolfini and Kristen Stewart. I've heard good things about this one. While is a little overblown and pretentious, (what indie film isn't?) much praise has been heaped on the actors, especially Stewart. This festival will no doubt do wonders for her career, showing the world what I've been saying since Twilight. Yes, Stewart is a serious actress, and a good one at that, and her association with that vampiric festival of mediocrity should not perturb anyone from checking her out in other things. After that, I'm hoping to get into a documentary called Teenage Paparazzo, which is directed by Entourage star, Adrian Grenier. It is supposed to examine the parallels between celebrity and society as seen by Grenier and his teenage companion, but whether it accomplishes this is anyone's guess. We'll have to wait and see. No guarantees however. I'm putting a lot of hope on the fact that the festival is in it's last days, and all the people who wanted to see these movies saw them already. Of course, there could be a whole bunch of people with the same plan as me, so, you never know. Follow up to come tomorrow night. See ya then.

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