June 5, 2009

Too Tired...

It's finals week, and I have the SATs tomorrow, so forgive me for this, but I am not going to write a full review of The Hangover. What I will say is this; The Hangover is easily the funniest movie to come out so far this year, and probably will remain that way when the clock strikes 12 am on January 1st. Every scene, every line of dialogue, every ridiculous scenario that the three leads are put through is so ballstastically hilarious, rib damage is inevitable. Here's a taste. Three dudes wake up in a trashed Las Vegas villa after a bachelor party. There's a chicken running around. There's a tiger in the bathroom. There's a baby in the closet. The car that is parked in their valet spot is a stolen police cruiser. There is a naked, gay, Yakuza boss in the trunk. One of the dudes got married to a stripper. Mike Tyson shows up. Oh, and to top it all off, these guys seem to have lost the most important person, the groom. So, yeah. I'm still cracking up. This is one hysterical movie. See it! A-

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